Tribulus Terristris: Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

Origin of Tribulus Terristris

Tribulus Terristris is a flowering plant that is native to warm, temperate and tropical regions of Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. It has played a significant role in Ayurveda, Chinese and European medicines for centuries and is used widely for urinary and reproductive problems. It is also known to stimulate hormone production to act as a supplement for body builders and athletes.It has been taken from hundreds of years to increase the testosterone production in men.

Tribulus Terristris

Benefits of Tribulus Terristris

  1. Tribulus Terristris has been proven to enhance libido in men.
  2. It elevates the testosterone level in men. Testosterone is essential for maintaining muscle tone, stamina and strength of the body.
  3. It is known to increase the lean muscle mass thus helping men in achieving muscular body.
  4. It is recommended for active athletes as it increases endurance and strengthens the muscle mass.
  5. It is a very effective herb for removing fatigue thus ensuring long workout sessions without getting tired to achieve great body.
  6. Due to the increased testosterone level and less lethargy, it tends to increase the sexual performance in men.
  7. It also improves the circulatory system thus helping men in better erections.
  8. It is also helpful for people who suffer from depression and mood swing.
  9. Many people tend to become impotent as they grow older. Right dosage on regular basis can prevent impotence in the later years.

10.It acts as an energy booster for men.


The product comes with very specific dosage recommendation as it is a very powerful herb. The supplements are easily available online and should be taken twice or thrice a day. It is recommended not to exceed a maximum of 1200 mg/day.  Adequate breaks should be taken during the complete course of consumption of Tribulus terristris for best results.

Side Effects of Tribulus Terristris

If Tribulus Terristris is taken as recommended and in correct quantity, then it does not have any side effects. Problems might happen if people tend to take high dosage for long periods without taking breaks. It may increase the body heat, disturb the sleep pattern and increase the heart rate if high dosage is taken. However you can just reduce the dosage if the product bothers you in any form.

 It should not be taken if a person is suffering from any medical conditions as it can interact with certain medications.


Men face many physical and sexual problems because of the current lifestyle. Also mostly every man wants to be energetic and have a good physique with great muscles to show off. Taking chemicals and steroids may have negative long term effects on the mind and body. Tribulus terristris on the other hand is a safe natural option for men to increase their testosterone level and achieve the desired results of improved energy and performance. It can be highly effective with no side effects if taken in correct dosages as recommended.

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