Top Exercises To Lose Weight Faster!

Now you have gained lots of weight and it is depressing for you to dress up. It is annoying when you see those little dresses in shops but can’t buy because you won’t fit it, or you will look like a giant panda. SO last option you have is to go to a showroom for XL or XXL people to buy those lose baggy clothes to hide your bulges and big thighs. Hey why to settle for this? Exercise can transform your body, though I know it’s not so easy to lose eight but it is possible. You need to work a little harder.

Few exercise you can try to burn your excessive fat.

  • Running upstairs and downstairs – it helps you lose the weight faster,

      How to do? – Wear comfortable jogging shoes, start running upstairs then downstairs do it for at least for 20 minutes then you can speed up according to your stamina. Run 1 km after doing this exercise, It is one of the best exercises that footballers do to maintain their body weight.

  • Bicycle– If you are busy kind of person then you can try riding bicycle. It won’t just help you shed those extra pounds but will freshen you up. Ride it faster to burn more calories. An hour of cycling helps you lose 500-1000. Easy nad simple way to get rid of fat.
  • Watching TV is a fun thing, but do you know you can lose weight while watching your favorite show on TV. Place a treadmill in front of your TV and start running you won’t even feel tired while watching TV and running at the same time. If you are not much of a TV person than you can listen to your favorite energetic tracks.
  • What is better than swimming in this summer! Do you know you lose 800 calories per hour while swimming? Swimming is one of my favorite way to burn my calories easily and fast.
  • Have you ever tried hula hoop? Yes? Then you know it is a fun activity and you love it. It is tremendous exercise to burn the calories. You can shed 600-800 calories within an hour.
  • Jumping rope or skipping- If you jump rope for 30 minutes continuously you lose 400-450 calories.
  • Dance like nobody’s watching- You can opt any style you like, twist and turns, your own style, hip hop. Dancing for an hour will help you lose 600 calories.
  • DO you know we lose 800 calories while sleeping!

            Stick to a healthy diet plan say no to junk and fast food!

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