Tongkat Ali is a medicinal herb which is native to Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines and Vietnam. It is commonly referred to as Malaysian Ginseng by the locals whereas scientists refer to this herb as Eurycoma longifolia. The plant contains active compounds throughout the stem and leaves, however it is the roots that contain most bioactive compounds which tend to provide the required benefits.

Tongkat Ali

Benefits of Tongkat Ali

  1. Tongkat Ali is mainly used as a testosterone booster in men. Due to aging men start experiencing reduction in testosterone level , a condition which is called andropause. This leads to a decrease in sexual response, lack of energy for physical workout, increased body fat and mental and physical lethargy. The roots of Tongkat Ali provide a cure for andropause by increasing the testosterone level.
  2. It increases your body’s ability to burn body fat which is very important if you want a lean body with good muscles.
  3. It is known to convert proteins into muscle fibres thereby increasing the lean muscle mass.
  4. Tongkat Ali increases the libido and the sexual drive in men.
  5. It is also used for erectile dysfunction and increases sexual performance.
  6. Tongkat Ali is extensively used for bodybuilding and enhancing athletic performance as it increases muscle mass and strength required for intense strength training.
  7. Tongkat Ali acts as a stress and anxiety reliever.
  8. It is also used to treat cancer and has many anti bacterial characteristics.


It is available in the form of pills. The recommended dosage of Tongkat Ali is 50-200 Mg per day which can be taken in 2 or 3 doses throughout the day depending upon the concentration in each capsule. It should be taken along with regular workout sessions for best results and adequate water intake. Also one should start from low dosage and then increase it over time.

Side Effects

This is a natural herb and completely safe for consumption. It increases the body heat so adequate water intake should be ensured while consuming this herb. Also it initially disturbs the sleep pattern. Other than that, it is completely safe provided you are not allergic to this herb or suffer from some other medical conditions.

Using Tongkat Ali as a supplement

While buying the product, ensure that it is taken from a reputable supplier. In some cases high concentration of mercury and lead have been found in this product. Also look out for concentration of quassinoids in the product as that is the active ingredient of this herb. Tongkat Ali is necessarily bitter in taste. So if it tastes good, then there might be some adulteration in the product.


Tongkat Ali is an amazing natural herb which can be used to achieve great performance in the gym and bedroom. It can effectively boost up the testosterone level naturally and is being used from past many years in the Southeast Asian countries. It can help you lose out on excess fat and get lean muscle mass to achieve your dream body.

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