L-Arginine HCL – Benefits, Side effects & Dosage


L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps make proteins. We obtain L-Arginine from our diet ,basically it is obtained from the protein food like meat, eggs and dairy products. L-Arginine HCL is manufactured synthetically from arginine by combining the amino acid with hydrogen chloride molecule. It is extensively used by athletic people or body builders to boost up energy level required for physical workout and fast recovery of body.



L-Arginine is converted inside the human body into a chemical called nitric oxide. This nitric oxide makes the blood vessels to open wider for improving the blood flow which results in the release of various hormones and substances in the body leading to wide variety of benefits for the overall health and performance.


  1. It increases the blood flow and blood circulation in the body
  2. L-Arginine stimulates the production of hormones which are  essential growth hormones and insulin leading to growth and increased energy .
  3. It enhances the physical performance, strength and stamina required for high intensity workout.
  4. It is known to improve the athletic performance.
  5. It increases the immune function of the body.
  6. It reduces the muscular pain in the body caused due to strenuous workout.
  7. It is used to correct impotence, erectile dysfunction and male infertility. It increases the sperm production. Thereby increasing the sexual performance.
  8. It improves the erection in men. Basically L-Arginine improves the blood flow to the genital area which helps the penis to enlarge to its full capacity thereby increasing the size, frequency and hardness of the erections.
  9. It improves the heart health.
  10. It boosts the exercise performance as it increases the blood flow which means more nutrients and oxygen are supplied to the muscle and joints for increased performance.
  11. As it contains proteins, therefore it increases the healing function.


L-Arginine is safe considering it’s a natural amino acid and obtained by us in our natural diet as well. However if you have a history of heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problem or virus like herpes then you must speak to a doctor first before starting the supplement. Possible side effects include bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, low blood pressure or worsening of asthma symptoms.


There is no standard dose of L-Arginine. Different amounts are used for different conditions and age groups. For example for treating heart conditions or erectile dysfunction, 3-6 grams daily taken in two doses is recommended, while for enhancing the exercise and gym performance, doses up to 9  grams a day may be taken. Higher doses should not be taken.


Hence L-Arginine HCL can be safely used as a dietary supplement to increase the muscle mass, athletic performance, sex drive and physical abilities. Taking this supplement is also said to improve muscle pumps following an intense workout. It helps in achieving a great body and functioning of circulatory system for increased performance.

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