IntelliBoostIQ BottleWhether you want to become the star employee of your firm or the excellent top student of your university, what you need most is a sharp brain which can think fast and does not get tired even after long hours of struggle.

Ask yourself- Do you feel mentally exhausted too soon? Do you lack the focus and concentration which ultimately reduces your productivity? Are you the one who forgets about various things really fast?

Well if the answer to the above questions is a yes, then that means you need to do something about this problem and the best way is to start using Intelliboost IQ pills. This herbal formula has been specially formulated for you to improve your mental functioning and make you the best one in every field. Read below to know about the product composition, benefits and side effects.

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What is Intelliboost IQ?

Intelliboost IQ is an excellent combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs which work together to improve your cognitive abilities. It increases the functioning of your brain and helps you compete to shine in your field of expertise. It is different from other nootropic supplements as by concentrating on the focus area and generating electrical impulses, it makes the brain cells stronger and maintains the required level of acetylcholine which in turn makes you smarter and more intelligent.

What is it made up of?

Intelliboost IQ is made using selected natural ingredients along with good amount of amino acids and Vitamin B6 to boost up the cognitive power. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals which make it the essential food for your brain. It also contains right amount of Artichoke Leaf extract, Coleus Forskolin, L-Phenylalanine, Gamma- Aminobutyric acid, Acetyl L- Carnitine etc.


IntelliBoostIQ Precautions

Why you should purchase Intelliboost IQ?

Intelliboost IQ is the best product to go for everybody because of the variety of benefits it can offer to everybody. Few of the advantages which make this supplement essential for you are:

  1. Intelliboost IQ makes you all the more smart, intelligent and efficient.
  2. The supplement can considerably enhance your focus, concentration and attention to increase your productivity at work.
  3. If you face the problem of forgetting every small thing, then Intelliboost IQ can prove to be really useful as it improves your memory to help you recall and remember everything.
  4. It can also make you more creative to become successful in your life.
  5. The problem-solving and decision making abilities improve considerably with the use of this revolutionary supplement.
  6. The brain doesn’t get tired easily which ensures that you can work actively for long hours without getting mentally exhausted.
  7. It increases the energy level for best performance every day.

IntelliboostIQ Side EffectSide effects of Intelliboost IQ

Intelliboost IQ has been made using 100% natural and safe ingredients only. Many research driven human studies have been conducted for the product which has confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the product. To ensure more safety and clear away all the concerns of the consumers, it has been manufactured in FDA GMP certified laboratory environment. So from all these we can judge the safety of the product.

*Consult a doctor if you are under certain medication or treatment.

Recommended Dosage

Just one capsule of Intelliboost IQ needs to be taken in the morning or you can take it whenever you feel the need of working tirelessly and in an optimal manner. It will provide instant results by making you more energetic and wiping off all the fatigue.

But don’t take more than two to three capsules in a day as that may harm your body.

Intelliboost About

Precautions to be followed

  1. Intelliboost IQ does not treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  2. The results can definitely vary from person to person depending upon the type and duration of work.
  3. Check for the seal of the supplement before you accept the product.
  4. Do not buy from unauthorized sources as they may end up delivering fake products at higher price.
  5. Do not mix it with any other medicine or supplement.
  6. You are advised to limit the consumption of alcohol and smoking while using this supplement.
  7. A good balanced diet and some regular exercise will further enhance the results of the product.

What the user’s have to say..

“ I work as a professor and trust me taking continuous lectures all day  and then guiding the students with their research work is not at all easy. I used to get so tired that my productivity was fast decreasing and I found it difficult to concentrate on anything. But Intelliboost IQ has completely changed the things for me by enhancing the power of my brain. It has made me certainly more intelligent and smart. The best is that I don’t get mentally tired even after working all day. I recommend it all my students as well who face similar problem.”

  • Jane L. , Professor

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How to order?

If you want to bring serious change in your cognitive ability, then click on the link of the official manufacturers and the order the product right now! It’s true that there are many products which claim to provide great results, but the ultimate truth is that no other product is better than Intelliboost IQ.

So don’t wait! Click and Order now.


There is no denying the fact that the mental power starts declining after 25 and a nootropic supplement can surely be of great help. If you find it difficult to manage your study or work life, then try Intelliboost IQ to experience the surge in your cognitive abilities and be the best in whatever field you have been working in. Take it on regular basis and you will yourself experience great change. Try Today!

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