Boron is a natural mineral commonly found in the food and environment and is required for the normal functioning and well being of the human body. Boron supplements are commonly taken as medicines. When taken as a supplement, it is known to boost the testosterone level and increase the bone and muscle health. It increases the muscle coordination and is widely used by body builders these days to fulfill their dream of getting a muscular body to show off.


  1. Boron works with calcium and increases the bone health required for a strong body.
  2. It balances the sex hormones of the body.
  3. Boron is known to prevent the deterioration of joints which might be caused by heavy weight lifting.
  4. It helps to promote a healthy muscle mass in the body. There are certain minerals and vitamins in the body that tends to function more efficiently when the boron levels are high and these nutrients help in building the muscular mass and aids in fat burning.
  5. It also aids in better recovery of the muscle tissues which tends to tear during strenuous exercise.
  6. Boron acts as a natural testosterone booster in men which is known to increase the strength and stamina of the human body for both exercise and sex. Adequate testosterone provides the energy for increases performance.
  7. Boron also helps in cognitive function by increasing the concentration and making one more focused.
  8. It is used by body builders and athletes to get energy for increased physical exercise.


Boron is naturally present in our diet as well. It is not a chemical or synthetic substance which can harm the human body. It does not have any side effects if taken in required limits.

However, people undergoing other medical conditions and treatment must consult a doctor before starting the supplement as it might interact with the medications.


Boron supplements are most commonly available in the form of capsules. Liquid form of boron supplements is also available which can be added to the protein shakes.  The Upper tolerance limit for boron in adults is 20 Mg. So doses over 20 Mg must be avoided under all circumstances. Overdose might lead to toxicity causing nausea and weakness. According to the boron content in each capsule the dosage can be determined. Regular exercise along with the supplements give the best results.


Thus we can say boron is at times an under estimated mineral in the diet, yet it is very important for healthy bones and muscular function. It can increase the testosterone level and actively help the bodybuilder get an amazing body that they can show off. Boron also helps in muscle formation and fat loss along with aiding in faster recovery of muscles after strenuous workout session. Through increased testosterone level it enhances the physical as well as sexual performance in men.

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